Photography Workgroup - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fotografie

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This website is in German language. On this page we provide a short English explanation.

We are a workgroup of photography enthusiasts, situated in Braunschweig, Germany. Our group was founded in the mid 1980ies. It is part of the program of the evening school Braunschweig (Volkshochschule Braunschweig), but we act mainly independently. We do not have a trainer, but we choose a photographical topic each year to work on. Our main activity is to show ourselves our new photos and to discuss and to enjoy them and to learn from each other. Furthermore, we are doing photo walks and excursions, visiting photography exhibitions in museums and galleries and inviting professional photographers. Other activities are preparing and holding of tutorials for a specific topic and sometimes we meet for photo sessions in a photo studio. We are working in black-and-white as well as in color. We have regular exhibitions in public places in Braunschweig.

If you have a question or are interested to join please use the contact form on the page Kontakt.

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